No Passport Required Cookbook

No Passport Required CookbookHere it is - our labor of love! And it's ready for you to purchase!

This all started about 10 years ago when Sandy said "Wouldn’t it be fun to do a cookbook based on Maine’s World Traveler sign?"  That off-hand statement has become our love letter to Maine in all its diversity.  In fact, it is a love letter because Sandy wrote No Passport Required for me as my 50th anniversary present.  We took recipes from the 9 foreign countries/cities and tried to adapt them, where ever possible, to use Maine ingredients.  The result, we feel, is a blend of international but very doable dishes and a breezy, casual style that makes for a cookbook that’s as much fun to read as it is to use.  We also try to give you a bit of an insight as to why these countries/cities are the names of Maine towns.

The cover and the lead Illustrations to each chapter were done by our friend Jonnie Walker-Rohs, now of Haysville, NC.  Jonnie's website is  I sometimes thumb through the book because the illustrations make me smile.

The back cover contains the following comments:

“I had the good fortune to take a baking class with Michael and Sandy and lets just say my baking improved wildly. This delightful, original book will guide you to become a better home cook and turn you on to some great new flavors. From Maine and beyond!”

—Kathy Gunst, Resident Chef of NPR’s Here and Now and author of Soup Swap

“Cookbook enthusiasts are going to have a difficult time choosing from among the many eclectic and mouth-watering recipes in this book. These pages are nothing less than fun reading and new foodie adventures! I suggest closing your eyes, picking a town and then venturing into another culinary world!”

—Kate Krukowski Gooding, Maine wild game cookbook author of Wild Maine Recipes, 50 Ways to Eat a Beaver.

“A new cookbook from Maine always gets my attention. But a new cookbook from Sandy and Michael Jubinsky, who have the rare combination of technical culinary knowledge, great taste, and an unstoppable generosity of spirit, is a reason to celebrate!”

—Don Lindgren , Rabelais Inc., Fine Books on Food & Drink


No Passport Required is published by Maine Authors Publishing located in Thomaston, Maine.  Thank you Maine Authors Publishing.

Distribution of No Passport Required is now being handled by Stone Turtle Publishing for wholesale orders.  For specialty shipments (large quantities, bookstore orders, etc.) please email us at or by phone at (207) 459-0567.  Thanks!

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